May Goals

Since turning 30 last December and feeling like I wasn’t where I expected to be at that age (I know, I know…join the club.), I have been hyper-aware of falling into any sort of rut or complacency with my life.  Be it fitness or professionally, I want to make sure I’m always challenging myself to try a little harder and do something new.  I really think goal setting is the only way to ensure that I stay focused and make moves.

So here it goes!

  1. Ramp up my running so I can run a personal best at the Oddyssey Half marathon in JuneThe Oddyssey Half is the frenemy of the Philadelphia running community.  Held in early June, it’s often hotter than most half marathons in the area and it is DEFINITELY hillier.  I don’t compare it to my other half marathon times because the race is much more difficult for me than Rock and Roll or the Philly Half in September or November.  I’m going to work on incorporating more hills into my runs, as well as ramping up speed training at RippedPHL and Unite Fitness.
  2. Seriously begin a job search. – I love my coworkers and working at my company is great, but the position itself is leaving me unfulfilled.  It’s hard coming home from the office and the gym and then spending more time in front of the computer, but it needs to be done if I want to get out of my job rut.
  3. Read more. – I went on vacation with my mom and aunt last month and read 2 books in 5 days.  I forgot how much fun I have just kicking back with a good book.  As the weather gets warmer, I’d like to turn off the Netflix, get outside and read a good book.  I highly recommend The Darlings and What Was She Thinking?.

Review: YogaHabit Fairmount

As I write this post, I’m doing a mini happy dance in my seat…Fairmount has a new yoga studio and it is exactly POINT ONE miles from my front door.


As someone who likes a good morning yoga sweat but still has to be at her desk around 8am, this is a godsend.  Be warned: it is hot yoga, so sweat you will.

I was lucky enough to snag a spot in the first class offered at the studio on Saturday as part of their grand opening celebration. Everything about the space lived up to the hype I created in my head, as one who is a huge workout junkie does.

First of all, I love seeing that block getting some love.  Anyone who lives in the area knows that there is a lack of development on Fairmount Avenue as you head towards Broad Street from the Art Museum…it has a gradual decline of quality and activity that YogaHabit, Bar Hygge, and Anytime Fitness are trying to remedy.

The owner, Jen, and her team did a great job of creating a bright and open space for your practice. The whole space is clean and “industrial” but also very welcoming.  After walking up a flight of stairs, you find yourself in the lobby of the studio.  There are cubbies and benches for your belongings as well as bathrooms, a shower, and a water cooler.  They also have a small retail section, offering tank tops, water bottles, and Lululemon yoga mats.

The studio itself has gorgeous flooring, light-colored walls, and HUGE windows overlooking Fairmount Avenue that create a relaxing space that I really feel enhances my practice.  Sidenote: there are no mirrors, which is amazing.  I hate practicing with mirrors, worrying more about how my stomach looks than how I am feeling.

So far I have been lucky to take two classes in the space, one with Jen and another with Alicia…they were both excellent! High energy and fun, while also allowing you to focus and center yourself. They offered hands on adjustments that helped me take full advantage of the poses. I took Alicia’s class the day after the Broad Street Run, which I had mentioned to her before class started, and her gentle adjustments really assisted me in loosening up my tight quads and hamstrings.

Best part?  The offer cool lavender soaked towels during savasana.  I put it over my eyes and totally zenned out.

They’re currently offering a $21 for 21 days pass to new clients, so I snagged that deal and plan to use it to its fullest in the coming weeks!



Location: 1640 Fairmount Avenue

Overall rating: A+


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ClassPass: A review.

After a tough year running wise last year, I ended 2015 with a hamstring injury.  I never went to PT, but after a semester at Google University I self-diagnosed a proximal hamstring strain.  The suggestions were resting and strengthening, so I decided that I was not going to run for a month and give my leg time to recoup.

The problem was, what would I do instead?  I belong to a great regular gym, but if I can’t run it limits my cardio.  They don’t offer as many spin classes as I would like and I can only take so many elliptical sessions before I want to throw myself off a building.

That’s where Classpass comes in!  A few friends suggested that I try it, given that I love new fitness classes and a lot of my favorite studios are on there already, such as Flywheel and Unite.  You can attend each studio 3 times during the month using Classpass, but you can take an unlimited number of classes overall.

It’s $89 a month, although by using this link you can get $20 off your first month.  No commitments and no sign up fee, which was key for me.  While it’s definitely a great deal, I’m not sure if $89 is sustainable for me.  This way, I’m not stuck with an expense every month if I decide can’t afford it.  They also offer an option of freezing your membership for $19/month.  You still get to take one class during the frozen months and you’re probably still spending less than you would if you registered for the class normally (hello Flywheel and your $28 fees).

After one month of using it, I can definitely tell you that I’m hooked.

Overall Rating: Five Stars (out of 5)

Number of Classes Attended: 10

Studios Attended: Priya Hot Yoga, Flywheel, Unite Fitness, Row Zone, Anjali Power Yoga


  • There are sooooo many studios on Classpass.  From spinning to barre to Crossfit to rowing to boot camps, you can really find anything on there.
  • You can try studios that have been on your radar for awhile without actually committing to a membership there.
  • At $89 per month, you’re spending a lot less per class than you would if you signed up via their website.
  • You can take Classpass on vacation with you.  Changing your “metro area” is super easy and allows you to take classes in different cities while you’re out of town.
  • My workouts have been so varied and inspired lately that I can feel my body making some great changes.  I was lacking this with my own non-running workouts.


  • It’s not cheap.  While it can be a great deal, it’s also still a large expense that I’m not sure is sustainable for me right now.
  • There are limited classes available.  I was a little disappointed that some studios, like Unite, offer very few classes to Classpass members.  I understand they need to keep them for their own clients, but I think they could do a little better with offering more accessible times.
  • Classes fill up quickly.  If you want to go to Flywheel, sign up early!!

I think I’ll end up keeping it for another month or two to get me through the winter and into distance running weather, but after that we’ll see how I’m faring financially.  Definitely worth a shot though!!

Thursday Thankfulness

As anyone who looks at my blog (Mom, thank you) knows, I’ve been terrible at updating this.  I keep saying “I’ll start Monday!” or “I’ll do it after I study for chem.”  Well, my last chem test was yesterday (WOOHOO!) and I found myself making an excuse about posting something until I read Ali’s newest post.  Not only is she possibly the busiest fake friend I have (new husband, new puppy, new giraffe stories) she’s also living with Crohn’s disease.  And she manages to write beautiful, meaningful, puppiful posts that I love.  So here I am with Thursday Thankfulness.

I’m thankful that my chemistry class is over.

I think we all saw this one coming.  Online learning is a struggle for me (both with motivation to act on my own behalf as well as not having immediate feedback and the ability for face-to-face discussions), especially when it’s something like chemistry.  Too much math!  Too many numbers! Brain melting.  I’m starting anatomy next semester as an on campus class and I’m both scared and excited.  One step closer to becoming an RD!

I’m thankful I got to travel so much this year.

One of my goals for 2015 was to visit a new city, and I visited a lot more than that!  Early in the year I went on a road trip with my brother to move him to Colorado and we stopped in Indianapolis, Columbus, St. Louis and some smaller towns along the way.  Then I spent a long weekend in Nashville for my friend’s bachelorette party, a weekend in Boston and Salem with my boyfriend, and another long weekend in Chicago to see my friends that recently moved there.  All of these places were beautiful and amazing and interesting, but I left each time with even more of a love for Philadelphia.  There’s no place like home!

I’m thankful to be turning 30.

Sometimes.  Ask me again next Friday.

I’m thankful to take a short break from running.

I’ve been having some leg pain and just want a little break so I can strengthen my hamstrings and glutes and try out new fitness options.  I doubt I’ll make it until January without running at all (I already cheated this morning), but I’m definitely doing less distance and more HIIT and strength.  I am hoping to run the 2016 Twin Cities Marathon and I know I’ll need major leg muscles for that!

There are about 54000 other things I am thankful for, but I feel like that’s a good end to my first blog post in about 54000 months.  

What are you thankful for?

Spring Workout Resolutions

My marathon is coming up in 20 days (EEK!) and I am definitely not where I had hoped to be in terms of training.  The ice, the cold, and the general blah-ness of winter has made training more difficult than I anticipated.  I am still excited and ready(ish) to run my third marathon, but my lofty goals of the late fall are now gone and replaced with more reasonable but still exciting ones.  I’m going to re-evaluate after my long run this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed for decent temps in DC!

All of these “feels like” sub-zero and single digit days have inspired me to make some springtime workout resolutions…

1. I will not give up the chance to get an early morning run in. I miss starting my days with a few miles along Kelly Drive but it just hasn’t been feasible with the amount of ice still on the sidewalks.  It’s easier to run a marathon with sub-par training than it is to run one with a broken ankle.  I can’t wait to get back out in the early hours with my fellow nutty runners.

2. I will get back in the pool. I rejoined the Drexel gym so I could have access to a treadmill and a pool on a regular basis, but I haven’t taken advantage of it as I should. Part of it is the distance (it’s a subway ride from my apartment) but it’s also the hassle of dragging my morning get-ready gear to the gym and back.  When the temps are warmer, I feel like I don’t wear as much makeup and I dry my hair much less (top knot for the win!).  Can’t wait to cut my prep time (and prep materials) in half.

3. Iced coffee.  This isn’t really a resolution so much as a “Wah, I miss iced coffee.” I make no apologies for my feelings.

Broad Street Run!

I didn’t make it into the lottery (sadface) so I am running with the Fairmount Park Conservancy, a great organization that helps my beloved Kelly Drive. 🙂  For more information or donation opportunities, check out my CrowdRise page here.

Weekly Workouts

Got my 10 miler in on Saturday, despite the “feels like” temp of 2 degrees!  Major thanks to Allie for making the rounds with me.

Funny story: we got about halfway through our run and my neck started to feel really uncomfortable (like it was cramping up).  I reached back to feel it out and realized my sweaty hair had froze TO MY NECK.  High bun inside the hat next time…I don’t care what it looks like.

Here are my workouts for the coming week…

Monday: Unite

Tuesday: Unite D Series (45 minutes of cardio v. 30 in a regular class)

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: Unite

Friday: Bikram

Saturday: 10 miles!

Sunday: Rest

This weather is kind of crappy, so I’m probably going to replace one of the 8 milers on my schedule for the three Unite classes…not perfect, but oh well!  Easier to run a marathon a little undertrained than with a broken ankle from falling on the ice! 🙂

Five Favorite Things on Friday

1. Gift certificates that allow me to buy coffee guilt free.  I’m trying to cut back on spending and coffee was one of the first things to go but thank God for coworkers and friends who understand and enable my addiction by gifting me coffee.

2. This clip of Liam Neeson’s prank call to Maggie Grace’s ex-boyfriend.  Everyone needs a Liam Neeson in their life.  Or preferably, the real Liam Neeson.

3. The dreadmill. While we normally have a tumultuous relationship, I’ve really appreciated having access to one training for Rock & Roll DC. While I get bored out of my gourd after a few miles, you can’t run a marathon if you’re broken on the ground after hitting a patch of ice.

4. My YakTrax. You need to get these things.  I wear them to walk to work and it’s a much less stressful walk when I know that I’m not going to die. Thank you, Dad.

5. This dress. I rented it for an event in March and I am insanely excited to wear it.  Rent the Runway never disappoints.